Flexform holds a special and unique place in the world of seating systems. The atelier is known to create the most comfortable seats, combining with timeless minimalist style. However, the Perry Sofa proves another great quality of the Italians: to build different living spaces.

The Perry family grew out of a concept that mixes the utmost comfort with perfectly calibrated proportions and tailoring details. The piece provides a striking visual impact and might be featured with the fabrics and exclusive leathers in the Flexform collection.

This Antonio Citterio creation makes for a perfect domestic landscape. Therefore, we separated some information from the Perry Sofa so you can pick this option for your next project without any doubts.

Modularity taken seriously


Perry’s pieces can be combined among themselves, providing innovative arrangements. Since the modules carry irregular shapes, it is possible to break up the linearity of furniture configurations, making the whole scenario more dynamic and casual.

For example, there’s an option to replace the upholstered armrest with a functional cowhide-clad container, which has a handy compartment for storing throws, magazines and books. You might also insert a wood coffee table in between the upholstered pieces, lending originality to the arrangement.

Stand-alone sofa, L-shaped and asymmetrical seating elements, ottomans and chaise longues, cowhide-clad storage, wood coffee tables. Every single one of these elements are available.


An example of a possible landscape

Up and beyond

The first version was released in 2022 without a traditional foot supporting the structure. In fact, this was one the things that made Perry so popular – alongside the contours generously padded in goose down, discreet proportions and the piping that outlines the silhouette.

But Flexform and Citterio realized that this article deserved a second version, giving another option to an already diverse seating system. The Perry Up, as named by the company in 2023, was built with a base in tubular metal, with cast-aluminum feet support.  

This minimal detail might be overlooked by untrained eyes, but Perry Up displays a more traditional look, contrasting with the modularity we already discussed in this article. Thus, either Perry or Perry Up perform a new way of designing living spaces.

The “Up” version

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