Sectional furniture is getting more popular as the years go by and people see the number of alternatives it gives to a décor. Now, imagine having a modular option with Paola Lenti’s colors and exclusive fabrics in a very comfortable shape? Seems too good to be true, but it’s what the Welcome Sofa offers to you.

The longtime partner of the atelier, Francesco Rota, designed this option to fulfill the capabilities of the space. The main quality of a sectional sofa is to be built in an ambience according to the space available. Therefore, Welcome offers different ways to be configured.

The modular seating system consists of many items such as armrests and central and corner elements. Thus, one may prefer a stand-alone version or an extended one; is up to the person to decide. However, the best part of Welcome Sofa is to play with the possibilities, since you may add a chaise longue or pouf, or even include side and coffee tables.






Check out the alternatives of creation

Upholster and structure

Paola Lenti provides a plethora of fabrics, all produced within the brand’s technology and artisanal departments. For Welcome Sofa, there’s a removable upholster, available in fabrics such as Luz, Light, Rope T, Brio, Thea and Wara.

The structure is made of treated cataphoresis and varnished steel, with the presence of plastic spacers. For the padding, Paola Lenti made it stress-resistant with expanded polyurethane and polyester fiber.

Welcome Sofa: an informal design

The Welcome sofa conveys a lively shape, one that can be informal if applied to a colorful décor. The silhouette resembles organic designs, so it fits naturally alongside trees and other natural elements, like flowers.

The new 2023 Welcome sofa selection of colors will be available in November at Paola Lenti Miami along with a great selection of new products belonging to the 2023 collection presented at Salone del Mobile.

In order to see and experience such exclusive furniture, you may visit Paola Lenti’s Miami Flagship Store. If you want similar content about marvelous Italian creations, keep reading our blog.