Lounging with style. That’s what Paola Lenti sun beds offer to every single project, outdoor or indoor. These series of products bring an elevated feeling to the environment, and add a sophistication that is most welcomed, especially when it comes to exterior décor.

Thus, Paola Lenti sunbeds also have that extra flavor, typical of all creations made by the Italian brand: bold colors and technological textile options. Thus, it is almost impossible to not consider the sun beds and chaise longues of the atelier to be some of the best in the world.

That being said, what are the designs that should come to mind when talking about this specific set of seating elements? Well, we separated four options to showcase a little of the Paola Lenti experience. Check them below.  

1- Telar chaise longue/sun bed

The Telar chaise longue/sunbed is a creation of Colombian designer Lina Obregon. The piece’s structure is in gloss-varnished stainless steel, with plastic spacers and fixed upholstery, handwoven with elastic belts in Rope yarn.

This simple union between the steel structure and the covering made for a fantastic article of relaxation. In fact, beyond its colorfulness, Telar offers considerable comfort and is highly regarded for its final design. No wonder it won the Red Dot Best of 2020 Award: it is already a Paola Lenti classic.

2- Wave chaise longue

Speaking of a classic, the Wave is a well-established product since its release, back in 2003. Francesco Rota – the main product designer of the brand – made this very simple layout that might be seen as simplistic for an unfamiliar eye. However, the reality is far from it. In fact, Wave was so successful it is until this day part of the Paola Lenti family.

It is a chaise longue with backrest adjustable in two positions and upholstery made with a handwoven rope on the structure. For the weaves, you can choose from a series of color options, all exclusively made by the Italian atelier.

3- Baia sunbed

Another of Rota’s creations, Baia is part of a series of seating elements that were made for exterior environments, ideal for relaxing and sunbathing by the swimming pool, for example. For that reason, the article has both upholstery and structure capable of enduring sun and water exposure.

The sun bed is also available with adjustable backrest and provided with wheels on the back feet, to improve the transportation. The structure has a fixed cover in exclusive Paola Lenti fabric, while the mattress has a removable cover that may be personalized as you wish.

4- Sabi sunbed

The final Paola Lenti sunbed we’re approaching is the simple yet sophisticated Sabi, also from Francesco Rota. Yes, it has a more understated layout, with square shapes. However, this makes the design more easily adjustable to different tastes and desires, which is perfect for anyone who needs constant change in their interior projects.

In that sense, Sabi is ideal for outdoor and indoor spaces, making every environment fit for relaxation and a welcoming feeling. We must comment on the base of the furniture, composed of natural or wengé dyed Sassafras wood. It gives a special touch, right?

The designs of Paola Lenti in Florida

Elevate the aesthetic with Paola Lenti sunbeds and other furniture options. If you live in the Florida state, you may check the items in person at the brand’s flagship store located in Miami. Schedule a visit.

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