Flexform’s furniture articles have been part of the zeitgeist for decades, largely because of the legendary comfort of their upholstery. However, very few got the attention of the world like the Max Sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio back in 1983.

Aside from its comfort – that goes without saying, when it comes to Flexform – the sofa gained its “Legendary status” after the brand released a set of images at Milan’s Triennale, made by photographer Gabriele Basilico, under the art direction of Natalia Corbetta.

The imagery shows Max with striped backrest at the base of the spiral staircase, appearing to be in contrast with the architecture of the space, although you may agree that it kind of fits perfectly there.

The famous photo of Gabriele Basilico

A little bit of Max

The design of Max Sofa marked a new way for Citterio to think of a design. Previously, the Italian master made his name for symmetrical and perpendicular layouts, and that’s something that still holds its importance for him, especially with Flexform.

However, Max was different, a “freer” being of asymmetrical shape. The sofa had a kidney-like seat that rests on a tubular frame, with an off-center cylindrical backrest. This made for a social object, intended for waiting rooms, offices and executive lounges.

A new purpose

Max and Supermax

To celebrate Max Sofa, Flexform and Citterio decided to give it an evolution, a different approach. In 2023, the Supermax made its debut maintaining the character of the original, while reimagining some of its traits to be more “domestic”.

Unlike its predecessor, Supermax carries a lowered frame and has additional padding, ideal for public and private environments, like living rooms. To sum up, we can say that this new edition is perfect for resting and relaxing, while Max was made to be more social and formal.

A super Outdoor version

For the exterior aficionados, Flexform released an outdoor version of Max Sofa. The structure follows the base of the Supermax, with the seat cushion of “kidney-bean” shape complemented by the curved cylindrical backrest.

In addition, the outdoor version comes with an array of sophisticated colors, and is also available in a version with rounded seat, designed to accommodate one or two people in a partially reclined position.

Of structural attributes, the Supermax Outdoor sofas work as unconventional decor solutions for areas focused on relaxation and conversation, like decks and patios, pools or in the gardens of hotels and resorts.

The rounded version

Check out Flexform’s Miami Flagship Store

In Florida, there’s only one place to buy the authentic pieces of Flexform, like the Max Sofa: the brand’s Flagship Store, located in Miami.  Set up a visit and experience true Italian mastery in furniture design. Also, keep informed in our blog for more content.