“Paring down the container and bringing out the content”. This statement serves as the summary of the modular bookshelf designed by Antonio Citterio in 2004, for Flexform. The “Infinity” highlights what is inside of the storage unit, while presenting a versatile layout. And we must say, the result is iconic. 

For almost 20 years, “Infinity” has made a lasting impact in the design world. Since 2004, it has served as the main storage unit of Flexform, a brand known for developing instant classics thanks to the use of fine materials and creative layouts. 

However, what exactly makes it so extraordinary and beloved? We covered that below.

For a dynamic landscape

"The idea behind Infinity was to erase the container and bring out the content. Boxes composed of a minimal material, thin sheet metal, permit the construction of storage units of any size, seamlessly." No one better than Antonio Citterio himself - the author of the piece – to perfectly define it.

The concept lies on the idea of making the contents the focal point of the project and not only the bookshelf. In order for that to happen, Citterio made an interplay of negative and positive spaces, kind of a checkerboard of empty and full segments within the design.  

In that sense, you may store books on the “negative” part and choose to put other items on the “positive”, the one represented by a box made of refined cowhide with two simple openings acting as handles.

The modular bookshelf creates a scenario of an almost infinite number of compositions. And you may vary where you want to put the boxes, what to store in the “empty” segment and how to display all that.

It is versatile, intelligent and dynamic. Imagine being able to make the storage unit something unique, with your personality and point of view? Besides, Flexform gives the clients the chance to choose the color for the product, like a glossy sage green or a bronze hue.

Flexform: Italian design, at your disposal

This modular bookshelf serves as a big example of what makes Flexform so special. It’s not just the great materials or the timeless designs; it’s how they put those aspects together to make something perfect for your environment. And, of course, keeping that Italian refinement while doing so.

Now you understand how extraordinary the “Infinity” is. How about seeing it in person, and using it inside your own home? Schedule a visit with the Flexform Miami Flagship Store.

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