One could argue that Paola Lenti’s rugs are the basis for the brand’s catalog. And even if you disagree with that statement, one thing is undeniable: they exemplify what the company is all about. The rugs are colorful, mostly handmade and display unique features that became a trademark of the atelier.

Thus, the products were the first presented on the market by the brand. They showed the professionalism and passion of the artisans, who pay scrupulous attention to the quality of the materials.

Also, the creations display special colors, signs and shapes, with hand tufted options, modular and even felt tones. If you look at Paola Lenti’s rugs you’ll realize a diverse set of forms, concepts and designs, for indoor and outdoor spaces.

They may be geometrically patterned, floral or with pieces joined together by refined wool braids. Believe it when we say: these pieces are not just a regular part of the décor, they are a spectacle for themselves.

To illustrate this matter, how about checking some of the amazing Paola Lenti Rugs? Below we showcase 5 options:

Five unforgettable Paola Lenti rugs

1 – Signs

A hand tufted piece, it carries irregular geometric shapes that are highly decorative. The silk design and the wool background are dyed in the same color, culminating in lighter hues that exude a tone on tone effect.

“Signs” among other Paola Lenti designs

2- Shang

“Shang” is a good example of a modular rug by the Italian atelier. The article is entirely shaped by hand and then sewn using a machine with a thread in the same color of the wool cord.

3- Flussi

A felt rug, “Flussi” is created by joining felt elements with Punto Zigzag, according to a predetermined pattern. The surface consists of rectangular elements that are embroidered with Punto Matelassé and Punto Zigzag. One interesting aspect is the fact that “Flussi” can be produced only with a double layer of felt.

4- Air

Handmade for exterior and interior environments, its texture is created with a one or two-color flat braid, tufted at two different heights to a synthetic backing, which is always black. It becomes a highlight in outdoor spaces, but we advise not to use it in very humid or rainy environments.

5- Jali

“Jali” is made with Twiggy or Twitape yarn for both outdoor and indoor use. Its surface is woven with groups of cords, which create predetermined mélange colors. Also, the weave is finished on the perimeter with Punto Zigzag and a fringe.

Paola Lenti in Miami

There’s a possibility to see the designs in person and apply them in your next project: schedule a visit to the brand’s flagship store in Miami. Don’t forget to keep up with everything related to the atelier in our blog.