The Strap Tables from Paola Lenti have been a sought-after choice since its release, much because of its practical design and polished imagery. In fact, the set is considered by many to be a precious and unique collection, one capable of bringing the flavor of handcrafted workmanship.

The Strap is available in dozens of glosses and matt colours and is able to adjust to most environments, both indoors and outdoors. The article comes in different dimensions and may be accompanied by a handle in the middle of the top, increasing its dynamism.

The many shades of Strap

The designer, Victor Carrasco, created it to be functional and elegant, to really exemplify the essence of Paola Lenti: fine craftsmanship and beautiful exclusive colours. However, the brand found a way to elevate the design, applying an age-old technique. Meet the Strap Tables from Paola Lenti of Esmal Surface.

Art in Design

Esmal Surface, by Alessandra Malfatti

Introduced in 2022, the Esmal top - composed of copper - enhanced shades and patterns inspired by forms and colours of the nature.‎ Also, each unity is individually handmade and represents a modern interpretation of an ancient technique, the Grand Feu enamel.

This manual process implies that superimposed layers of enamel blend through a high temperature firing process, creating precious and vibrant nuances of hues.‎ The Grand Feu enamel requires an advanced level of skill and precision, resulting in an intricate and aesthetically pleasing decorative piece.

The person responsible for reinterpreting the ancient technique is Alessandra Malfatti and she made a masterful work that resembles art. These Strap Tables from Paola Lenti are available in three sets of colours: Esmal A, B or C. The tones vary in red, green, beige and some of them even display multiple colours.

Two different options from Esmal

Experience the Strap Tables from Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti is renowned worldwide for the innovative imprint given to design products and for its unmistakable interpretation of colour. The Strap Tables are another proof of that. Experience them at our flagship Miami store and keep informed of everything Paola Lenti related at our blog.