The color, the reuse of materials and craftsmanship are defining factors of Paola Lenti’s style. However, another important aspect is the versatility of the productions. One of the brand's greatest accomplishments is to blur the line between the outdoor and indoor spaces. The Orlando Sofa might be the best way to exemplify this fact.

Available for both ambiences, the Orlando series consists of large linear or rounded elements, completed with backrests and corner backrests that can be positioned as desired.‎ The modular aspect makes it adaptable to a series of different rooms, fitting accordingly to what the project demands.


The composition above shows one of the ways to apply the Orlando Sofa: in separated blocks, providing many seating options. Therefore, if there’s a necessity to create many places to accommodate, the furniture will be a fitting choice.

But the classical way of using a sofa is another possibility. The Orlando has an organic shape suitable for areas surrounded by trees and other natural elements. Below, we showcase how to combine with other Paola Lenti furniture, such as the Giunco and Float armchairs.

Among the multiple compositions, we recommend trying to combine it with the Heron side table, another production that adapts perfectly to the whole structure. Heron is a series composed of low stools, made of a resistant steel structure.

Heron makes a connection of two modules

Orlando Sofa: a sample of versatility

All of these visual examples are based on the outdoors, but nothing stops you from recreating them into indoor environments. The fabrics, however, differentiate themselves considering where you’re planning to place the pieces. In the image below you can see the visual impact of Orlando indoor .

It comes in different colors that can be mixed and matched to different pieces.

Paola Lenti world in Miami

From the beginning, Paola Lenti emerged as a beacon of design excellence for indoor-outdoor living. Till this day, the atelier continues to exasperate the audience and the future looks brighter after every new collection.

There’s a possibility to see the designs in person and to finally use Paola Lenti furniture in a project: schedule a visit to the brand’s flagship store in Miami.